A new Microsoft patent is in the news for a hardware device that would be used to monitor biometric data like heart rate and blood pressure related to cattle geolocation. This patent was submitted in 2017, but has recently been under the spotlight as the company searches for ways to help with their health initiatives.

The device is designed to be inserted just underneath the cattle’s skin, and will measure their vitals at regular intervals throughout the day, or whenever they are triggered by an alarm. The data collected will then be uploaded wirelessly to a central server where it can be accessed by appropriate tech providers & cattle owners.

The device could be a major breakthrough in wireless technology because it can allow cattle owners to keep track of their own cattle without having to individually track each cattle. With this kind of monitoring capability, people may have better access to livestock information and how well their cattle’s health is and where they might need more attention. Besides just being able to monitor vitals, there would also be software built into the device that could send alerts when something seems off or worrisome so that someone can take action before it becomes serious enough for emergency medical attention as well as tracking precise geolocation for each animal.

This new Microsoft patent is said to represent an innovative new way of thinking about cattle health monitoring technology and what it could do for both the animals and cattle owners alike.


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