In Botswana, one of the livestock industry’s leading countries, the government is considering a blockchain-enabled IoT system to track cattle. The system would be based on a cloud-based database network that would be accessible by government officials and the country’s cattle farmers.

The idea behind this proposed IoT system is to increase transparency in the livestock industry. The system would allow tracking of all cattle throughout their lives. With this information, it would be easier to see if any cattle are being smuggled or illegally traded.

In an effort to further improve the security and transparency of livestock management, Botswana is considering utilizing blockchain technology for cattle asset tracking. The Botswana Ministry of Agriculture has partnered with a local company called TEMBA Educare Technologies to develop the technology.

The TEMBA Educare Technologies will be used to trace the cattle’s movements. The data of the farm will also be recorded and stored on a blockchain. The system would record data from farms as well, and store it on a blockchain. Cattle owners are considering this, as they have been struggling with cattle thefts lately. They hope that by using this system, they can track which animals are theirs and which ones are not, reducing losses from theft or accidental sales of unauthorized animals.

The project is part of the ministry’s goal to reduce livestock theft by 50% by 2022.